Simpull Shelf-Ready

Faster, Safer, Neater

A Better Stacked Shelf?

Standard shelf-ready packaging has improved the efficiency of stacking supermarket shelves. But it’s far from perfect.

Simpull Shelf-Ready on shelf comparison

Current shelf-ready boxes need a knife to open, which is slow and potentially unsafe. Or they have tear-away perforated sections that compromise the structure’s strength, leave messy edges and sometimes don’t work at all.

This devalues the product and damages the store brand.

The solution is Simpull.

Simpull Shelf-Ready open in 4 steps
No knives

It's easy to use and super quick. Simpull Shelf-Ready is a clever perforation formation that allows a taped up box to be opened with just one hand. By removing the need for a knife, the Simpull Shelf-Ready box:

   Allows instant access to save time and money
   Eliminates accidental knife damage to contents
   Prevents the risk and cost of knife injuries

Applicable to almost any size box and essential to getting more done, Simpull Shelf-Ready makes you wonder 'why hasn’t this been done before’.

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small changes

can make a

big impact

A Simpull example

“Australia’s favourite” chocolate biscuit needs a solution for their shelf-ready packaging.

The current design relies on perforated sections to be slowly and carefully torn away by supermarket staff. However, even with good intentions, the perforations often fail the staff who then spend extra time tidying up the edges, or instead resort to using a knife from the start and only follow the perforations as a guide. This leads back to knife injuries, damaged product and wasted time and money.

Torn and messy: low value
Neat and tidy: high value

Simpull Shelf-Ready has solved it. It’s quick and easy to open without tear-away sections or the need for a knife, and leaves the box neat and tidy. Market testing has shown the small change over to Simpull Shelf-Ready will make a big impact on the chocolate biscuits with a 22% increase in perceived value of the product, benefiting both the supplier and supermarket.

PDF: A Simpull biscuits example
 simpull example pdf  

less mess

higher value

A Simpull tidy store

It’s like a magician’s sleight of hand. Simpull Shelf-Ready quickly separates the tape from the cardboard in one clean move without damaging the box or contents. Combined with its independently tested structural integrity, the Simpull Shelf Ready box:

   Leaves no torn or messy edges for a higher perceived value
   Improves recyclability to help meet sustainability requirements
   Delivers contents as securely as a traditional box

Remarkably simple to implement into existing production lines, the patented Simpull Shelf Ready box easily provides a better experience for all, while helping meet sustainable packaging regulatory obligations such as the Australian Packaging Covenant.

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reduce costs

reduce waste

reduce footprint

Some Simpull Answers

Does Lewis Boxes manufacture Simpull Shelf-Ready?
We don’t operate any manufacturing facilities ourselves. We licence our Simpull patented opening system to exisiting manufacturers around the world.
Are there added steps in manufacturing Simpull Shelf-Ready?
No, there are no additional manufacturing steps. Our patented opening system is an engineered formation of perforations that is incorporated into the box die cut during the planning stage, whether for a small run custom die or large run roll die. The final boxes are delivered as normal.
Are changes to the production line required for Simpull Shelf-Ready?
Depending on the production line and size of the box, some change may be required in the positioning of where the start of the tape is applied to the box, but otherwise there are no changes.
Is Simpull Shelf-Ready customisable?
Yes. The Simpull patented opening system can be applied to almost any shape or size box requirement you have, from small boutique packaging up to removalist’s cartons and larger.
Is the integrity of Simpull Shelf-Ready compromised?
No, Simpull has been independently tested and was found to have no difference in resistance against a downward crushing force when compared to a traditional box. This is due to the engineered size and radius of the arc shapes that disperse the force, much like an arch holds up a wall.

 view test reports  
Will Simpull Shelf-Ready accidentally open in transit?
The perforations have been designed to only open with direct intentional force from the end user and not by accident in transit.
How does Simpull Shelf-Ready improve recyclability?
The complete separation of the tape from the box leaves the cardboard “clean”. Clean cardboard reduces the amount of energy and water required to separate materials at recycling centres, which reduces the box’s overall impact on the environment and can improve environmental credentials.
Does Simpull Shelf-Ready meet APCO guidelines for recovery?
The Australian Packaging Covenant's Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (3.9: Design for Recovery) asks "Are any materials bonded together and therefore difficult to recycle?”

The complete separation of the tape from the box leaves the cardboard "clean”. This is also highly preferable to glue closures that result in “stickies” during the recycling process and reduce the quality of the pulp.
Does Simpull Shelf-Ready meet APCO guidelines for accessibility?
The Australian Packaging Covenant's Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (3.11: Design for Consumer Accessibility) asks "Could an alternative design be used efficiently to minimise the requirement for tools such as a knife or scissors?”

No knife or any other tool is required with Simpull Shelf-Ready and can even be opened with just one hand, improving usability for all.
PDF: Simpull Shelf-Ready Fact Sheet